Booking & Cancellation

Booking & Cancellation

Steps to Book with Us

We make climate friendly travel super easy for you! These are what you need to do:

  • Choose your desired experience, stay or package

    1. Please read our product description carefully.
    2. Place the date of your desire and quantity of people that you will go with.
    3. Please note that some of our products have a maximum number of day before booking.
    4. Please also note that we might need more information like your shoes size, your age or your diving certificate to make sure that we give you the best experience while traveling with us.
  • Create or log in to your account

    For safety reason, every purchase with Bumi Journey needs to be proceed with a user account. You can create or log into your account at the beginning, or while you are checking out your basket.

  • Place your order

    1. Add the product you desire into the basket. You can always add more products into the basket before checking out.
    2. You can add more mangrove planting in this process if you want to be even more climate positive throughout your whole trip.
    3. Make sure that you are happy with your basket before proceeding to check out.
    4. If you have not logged in to your account, you can do so here. You can also create a new account before checking out.
    5. Proceed with the check out and you we will send an order confirmation to your email!
  • Payment & Confirmation

    1. At this time, we only take Bank Transfer as our method of payment. You can the detail in your order sheet.
    2. Confirm your payment to us by filling out the form here.
    3. Once the payment is confirmed, our team will check the availability of the products with our partners.
  • Get ready to have a climate friendly journey!

    1. We will confirm the availability of your order via email.
    2. You can also see your order status at “my account” page.
    3. After it is confirmed, you can get ready for the amazing journey!

During The Trip

  • We love to talk to you and see you experiencing the world climate friendly with us.

    Do not hesitate to post or share your pictures, videos or TikToks with us. We would love to share to the world about your amazing adventure!

  • We wish you an amazing time with us.

    But should you encounter any unexpected event that makes you uncomfortable or disappointed, you can report it to us here.

After The Trip

Share your amazing journey with us!

Cancelling Your Booking

    1. Bumi Journey allows accommodation and trip providers to implement their own refund and cancelation terms, which is displayed on their listing page.
    2. By making a reservation, travelers accept and approve of the cancelations and refund policies provided by the accommodation.
    3. Travelers are to contact Bumi Journey’s team to submit a request of cancelation, which will be reviewed further.
    4. A reservation is officially canceled only when the Traveler has followed all the steps reported in the Conversation relating to cancelations and has received confirmation of cancelation. 
    5. Travelers are eligible for a refund only if the terms of the cancelation meets the policies set by each accommodation and trip provider